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Class Phalcon\Assets\Manager

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Manages collections of CSS/Javascript assets


public __construct ([array $options])

public setOptions (array $options)

Sets the manager options

public getOptions ()

Returns the manager options

public useImplicitOutput (mixed $implicitOutput)

Sets if the HTML generated must be directly printed or returned

public addCss (mixed $path, [mixed $local], [mixed $filter], [mixed $attributes])

Adds a Css resource to the ‘css’ collection


$assets->addCss("", false);

public addInlineCss (mixed $content, [mixed $filter], [mixed $attributes])

Adds an inline Css to the ‘css’ collection

public addJs (mixed $path, [mixed $local], [mixed $filter], [mixed $attributes])

Adds a javascript resource to the ‘js’ collection


$assets->addJs("", false);

public addInlineJs (mixed $content, [mixed $filter], [mixed $attributes])

Adds an inline javascript to the ‘js’ collection

public addResourceByType (mixed $type, Phalcon\Assets\Resource $resource)

Adds a resource by its type


    new \Phalcon\Assets\Resource\Css("css/style.css")

public addInlineCodeByType (mixed $type, Phalcon\Assets\Inline $code)

Adds an inline code by its type

public addResource (Phalcon\Assets\Resource $resource)

Adds a raw resource to the manager


    new Phalcon\Assets\Resource("css", "css/style.css")

public addInlineCode (Phalcon\Assets\Inline $code)

Adds a raw inline code to the manager

public set (mixed $id, Phalcon\Assets\Collection $collection)

Sets a collection in the Assets Manager


$assets->set("js", $collection);

public get (mixed $id)

Returns a collection by its id


$scripts = $assets->get("js");

public getCss ()

Returns the CSS collection of assets

public getJs ()

Returns the CSS collection of assets

public collection (mixed $name)

Creates/Returns a collection of resources

public output (Phalcon\Assets\Collection $collection, callback $callback, string $type)

Traverses a collection calling the callback to generate its HTML

public outputInline (Phalcon\Assets\Collection $collection, string $type)

Traverses a collection and generate its HTML

public outputCss ([string $collectionName])

Prints the HTML for CSS resources

public outputInlineCss ([string $collectionName])

Prints the HTML for inline CSS

public outputJs ([string $collectionName])

Prints the HTML for JS resources

public outputInlineJs ([string $collectionName])

Prints the HTML for inline JS

public getCollections ()

Returns existing collections in the manager

public exists (mixed $id)

Returns true or false if collection exists

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